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BENJAMÍN BELTRÁN is dedicated to the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables, especially citrus fruits; oranges, mandarins and clementines, all over Europe.

Our history, beginning in 1920, and our family tradition are the origin of a reknown quality, based on excellent workmanship and a particularly careful handling of our citrus fruit from their collection, through their subsequent manipulation to customer service.



Política de calidad Organización de la empresa Seguridad alimentaria recursos humanos

Policy on quality

We are committed to a quality policy which seeks a Continuous Improvement and has the following objectives:

Full satisfaction of the customer through a serious, efficient relationship.
Continuous improvement of all our products and processes, through an optimum management of our technical and human resources.
Fulfilment of legal, customer's and internal requirements.
Development of on-going training policies for all company personnel.

The company Benjamín Beltrán chose the path of outstanding quality in its products right from the beginning. This has always been the hallmark that characterised our brands. That is why, together with the best possible quality in raw materials, selected in the field, we have a technical staff that ensures that this excellent fruit receives the handling that the stringent requirements of our customers deserve and require.

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate of Quality

Certificate of Quality complying with norm UNE EN ISO 9001:2000 issued by Bureau Veritas Quality International España S.A.(BVQi) which is backed up by the following national entities:

ENAC (Spain), certificate number: 02.0604-0
DAR (Germany), certificate number: 111011
BELCERT (Belgium), certificate number: 117354
COFRAC (France), certificate number: 111011

Integrated production

In order to extend our quality to the whole of our production process right down to the agriculturer, our technical services, managed by Ingeniero Agronomo ADV (Association in Defense of Plant Life), a specialist in citrus fruits, makes up an annual list of sanitary products for plants authorized by Benjamín Beltrán in acccordance with the latest legal modifications, while each agriculturer is required to keep a field log containing all activities carried out on each parcel of land so that the preparation of the fruit complies with its conditions..

This control of production, was the first step in attaining compliance with official external regulations, for which we are also certified. Our production has thus complied with the regulations for Integrated Production in citrus Fruits of the Generalitat Valenciana (Spain) since 2000.


Since 18 December 2003, after being audited by the company Grupotec Inspección y Medioambiente, S.L. we recieved certification for our production and packaging systems according to protocol EUREP-GAP, with certified register number GPT PMO-029/03.

ISO 14001

As a continuation of our quality policy, in October 2005 we were certified under the Environmental norm UNE EN ISO 14001:2004 becoming one of the first companies to obtain this certificate in the fruit sector.

Organization in the company

Thanks to an elaborate and complete professional organigram, the company is able to manage and control the productive process in all its phases and comply with the highest quality standards.

• Management
• Field Department. Managed by Ingeniero Agronomo ADV, specialists in citrus fruit agriculture and Integrated Production.
• Department of Production.
• Department of Quality.
• Administrative Department.
• Sales Department
• Human Resources

Food security

Within our quality system, Critical Control Point Analysis is particularly important. It draws on the applicable legal regulations, together with revisions and periodic analyses of all the required points helping to comply perfectly with the said regulations.
As a fundamental nexus for control of all the information that such a complex quality system manages, it must be pointed out that Traceability is a vital tool by which we can access all data on crops and the processing of any lot that has been put on the market, at any time and on the minimum petition of our customers, and so fuliginoso the most rigorous demands of food security.

Human resources

At Benjamín Beltrán we are conscious that our greatest asset is our workers, as without their good workmanship and their commitment it would be impossible to carry out the guidelines set down by the management.
That is why it is vital for us to create an appropriate climate in which two fundamental pillars are:

• An external Prevention Service for the management of health and security of each and every worker.
• An On/going Training Programme in which courses to satisfy workers' interests as well as those which comply with all the regulations published by the government are detected and planned through an employee questionnaire, thus amplifying the necessary skills to carry out their daily tasks efficiently.

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